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Celebrating womanhood - Watch the award winning video from Libresse

Libresse & AMVBBDO wanted to contribute to a more open culture where women can feel proud of what they have, can feel ok about talking about their genitals and can care for it without feeling ashamed.

We created a full ‘lip sync’ video with a plethora of diverse vulvas. Whether a conch shell, a leaf, origami, fruit, or a woman in full vulva costume. Cool. Empowering. Pop. Raw. Gentle. Artistic. Relatable. The three-minute film, is set to the track “Take Yo Praise” from Camille Yarbrough. Every line delivered with emotion and feeling that brings that vulva to life. A classic lip sync music video with a twist. You’ll never look at a conch shell in the same way again. We looked into animation to link our scenes from a chalkboard to a tunnel motion, a vortex of vulvas taking us into other scenarios, a flipbook, a singing oyster below the surface, a button hole, a singing conch shell held between a naked woman’s legs, vulva puppetry, sketches of vulvas in a flip-boo, Inflated balloon vulvas, a camel toe, a hard cut to a Barbie who can’t sing because she has no genitalia, an oyster. The idea that there is no perfect vagina is powerful. Defying expectations and norms, giving each one a strong, distinct personality. It’s more than anatomy brought to life, it’s a triumph of taboo breaking celebration. All of this to show that the perfect vulva is in fact their own.

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