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Celebrating womanhood - Watch the award winning video from Libresse

Libresse & AMVBBDO wanted to contribute to a more open culture where women can feel proud of what they have, can feel ok about talking about their genitals and can care for it without feeling ashamed.

We created a full ‘lip sync’ video with a plethora of diverse vulvas. Whether a conch shell, a leaf, origami, fruit, or a woman in full vulva costume. Cool. Empowering. Pop. Raw. Gentle. Artistic. Relatable. The three-minute film, is set to the track “Take Yo Praise” from Camille Yarbrough. Every line delivered with emotion and feeling that brings that vulva to life. A classic lip sync music video with a twist. You’ll never look at a conch shell in the same way again. We looked into animation to link our scenes from a chalkboard to a tunnel motion, a vortex of vulvas taking us into other scenarios, a flipbook, a singing oyster below the surface, a button hole, a singing conch shell held between a naked woman’s legs, vulva puppetry, sketches of vulvas in a flip-boo, Inflated balloon vulvas, a camel toe, a hard cut to a Barbie who can’t sing because she has no genitalia, an oyster. The idea that there is no perfect vagina is powerful. Defying expectations and norms, giving each one a strong, distinct personality. It’s more than anatomy brought to life, it’s a triumph of taboo breaking celebration. All of this to show that the perfect vulva is in fact their own.

Libresse (Essity FemCare brand in Northern Europe), the taboo breaking brand that dared to normalise periods in 2017 with the #bloodnormal movement, has now released Viva La Vulva in Sweden and Denmark, a bold new campaign that celebrates the vulva in all its beautiful forms and fights against the myths, insecurities and stereotypes that women are subjected to when it comes to their genitals.
There is a huge pressure to look and be perfect when it comes to the vulva. And because women’s genitals is such a taboo topic and so intrinsically intimate, it’s taken a long time for women to start opening up about the issues & shame they experience, and it’s only recently that we’re seeing research and articles about the consequences of this pressure on women’s wellbeing – from genital dissatisfaction and ignorance leading to elective plastic surgery , to avoidance of smear tests that can lead to more serious health issues being overlooked.
A few months ago, Libresse also conducted global quantitative research delving into how women feel about and care for their vulvas – and the results confirmed that situation:
Over half of women feel pressure for their vulva looking a certain way and almost half of them (44%) have felt embarrassed by the way their vulva naturally looks, smells or feels. 68% of women don’t technically know what their own vulva is, with one in four completely unaware that no two vulvas should look exactly the same .
With this campaign, Libresse wants to contribute to a more open culture where women can feel proud of what they have, can feel ok about talking about their genitals and can care for it without feeling ashamed.
Because quite simply, if women can’t have a positive, unashamed relationship with the most intimate part of their body, they can’t have a positive relationship with themselves.
The campaign supports the launch of new Libresse V-Care™ intimate range in the Nordics, a range of gentle washes, liners and wipes for women to care the way they like.

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