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Upload Guide & Specs.

Upload via WeTransfer

Send all your materials via WeTransfer to the e-mail . Make separate folders for each movie or episode. In addition, you will need to download the form below and fill in all your general information and submit it. Then you will receive an order confirmation immediately after uploading your movie.

We need the following materials per. movie / episode:
The video, thumbnail (s), text material as well as logo (s) and desire for landing page, on all the commercial partners who must be senders of the film. All technical specifications are listed below.


Upload via the Biites Form

First, fill in your company information in the form. After that you get access to our upload module, where you can easily upload your movie files and information about the individual movie or series. It is only possible to upload 1 movie at a time, so please ensure correct titles and episode notification if you upload a series. You will receive an order confirmation from us afterwards. All technical specifications are listed below.


Technical specifications – VIDEO

  • Format: Video should be delivered as MP4 / H264 in the highest quality possible (original quality is best). Usually delivered in standard formats – ie. without Avid proprietary codecs or similar attributes.
  • Resolution: minimum 1080p (or maximum – depends on resolution of the original material).
  • Aspect ratio: must be 16: 9 (we can also receive older 4: 3 aspect material).
  • Bit rate: 8000Mbit / s or higher (highest possible from original material).
  • Overall: The better the film quality – the better the experience for the viewers!
  • Subtitles: Subtitles in different languages ​​are enclosed in VTT format or as SRT files.


Technical specifications – PICTURES, TEXT & LOGO

  • Logo: The company’s own logo + possibly co-sponsor logo (min. 300 x 300 pixels). Please enclose link for the desired landing page for each of the attached logos.
  • TopbannerMinimum one still image where the motive is centered. Format 1920 x 400 fuld HD.
  • Thumbnail(s)Minimum one still image for the program or series (overall) and one still image per episode. Format 1920 x 1080 full HD.
  • General: All images must be without text and in horizontal position. Max. 2MB per image. 
  • Film format: The format of the movie (single movie or a series of movies).
  • Titles: The overall title of the movie / series as well as separate titles and exact lengths for each section.
  • Description: Detailed text to describe the movie / episode (400-500 words). This is the text that appears in the text box below the movie presentation window and used for SEO, see below.


The elaborate description of your films provides the best Google search rankings

The more we know about your films, through written descriptions and the data we collect in our upload forms – the more we can increase the chance for an audience to find it. Please invest the time to fill in all requested information and text boxes in the upload form.

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