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The artisans who pursue handcrafted perfection one faucet at a time.

Wolverhampton has been a center of the English brass making tradition for more than a century. The bustling city sits at the halfway point between London and Liverpool, and saw its profile rise in the shadow of the Industrial Revolution when it became a leader in everything from lock making to auto manufacturing. But it was Wolverhampton’s expert brass making that set it apart from cities like Liverpool and Manchester, crafting beautiful metalwork that adorned the homes of a booming middle class.

Wolverhampton has since become one of the leaders in the English aerospace industry, but the city’s artisans have kept the heart of that industrial tradition beating strong. Perrin and Rowe, one of several luxury heritage brands in the House of Rohl portfolio, has been creating handmade faucets and other bathroom fixtures in a dedicated foundry on the city’s northside for more than six decades. Each piece the company makes is hand casted and forged from the highest quality raw materials, and every craftsperson takes an immense amount of pride in creating beautiful, practical items. “If I’m not happy with what I’m putting down, it doesn’t leave me hands,” says Manjit Sidhu, a metal polisher at the Wolverhampton factory. “I need to be 100% sure that the product that I’m passing on is absolutely perfect.”

Perrin and Rowe’s dedication to perfection is possible because the artisans are creating their products in small, handcrafted batches. The molten brass is poured by hand into molds, giving each craftsperson the ability to meticulously inspect individual items from start to finish. But it’s not all glowing vats of melted brass and fiery furnaces. Perrin and Rowe’s designers are using the latest in computer-assisted design programs to power precision refinements before they’re inspected by one of the company’s artisans. “It’s our responsibility to make sure that the product our customer is getting is 100% reliable and aesthetically pleasing,” says Sidhu. Fusing the practical and the beautiful has been part of the Wolverhampton brass making tradition for more than a century, and Perrin and Rowe are making sure that heritage lasts for years to come.

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