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Plein Soleil

If you visit the cities around Menton such as Monaco and Nice there is an almost vulgar need for showing off. Here wealthy people who are used to a flamboyant lifestyle, where showing off and other people’s admiration of them is what gives them the boost to continue their superficial lifestyle, seek to. Menton is in every aspect of that lifestyle the complete opposite. Menton is all about living a quiet life where the people stick to themselves and the people they know. In many ways Menton was and still is the most classy and understated city of the French Riviera.

In our Spring 20 collection we get our inspiration from the city of Menton and the people enjoying life there. We are inspired by this contrasting life where successful and self-promoting people travels far away to live a life away from all the attention. We find the inspiration in the calm and stylish Menton combined with the quality conscious lifestyle they bring with them from back home. Through focusing on this contrast we have managed to create one of the most interesting collection to date.

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