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Biites is the new distribution platform for long-form films and series

Biites is a video distribution platform tailored for commercial long-form films and videos. We are experts in distributing brand storytelling, branded content, miniseries, webisodes and films with long shelf life. Many resources are often invested in producing films with longer video formats, both in terms of time and budget. Therefore, these films deserve to be shown in a tailor made, quality environment, where both the film experience and the users’ behavior are significantly different from a traditional social media environment. That’s why we created Biites! At Biites the films are the focus and there are no disturbing commercials or other interruptions. This means that we can deliver highly engaged views of your film, in a beautiful, cinematic environment.  The result is extremely high viewing times per play. Want to hear more about the possibilities of getting your films on Biites? Let’s talk and find the solution that works best for you.


An average viewing time of 6 min

The Biites platform is cinematic and stylish in its expression. Films are curated into categories and playlists, making it easy for our users to find relevant content. In short, we optimize the publishing opportunities for our customers and the viewing experience for our users. Our users reward the undisturbed viewing experience with a high level of engagement, resulting in high film completion rates and long viewing times for our clients’ films. Therefore, it is no wonder why the average viewing time per play is 6 minutes at Biites.

The Biites platform is a free service for all users. We are available in local languages ​​in several countries, including Denmark, Sweden, Norway and Germany. We are expanding rapidly and would welcome the opportunity to assist clients with further international film distribution.

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Who watches Biites?

Anyone and everyone who has a passionate interest in great storytelling through film watches Biites. Our audience profile is age 30-70 and slightly more male (55%) versus female (45%)

Biites viewership reflects flow-tv viewership in the sense that every program attracts a unique audience based on the program content and appeal to personal interests.

35% of viewing is on tablet or desktop, 65% on mobile devices.

How to get a Biites Channel

A Biites channel is an investment in giving your audience the best experience in your own branded environment. Biites will assist you in creating a channel design and you will have the ability to provide a written description of your series and programs . Furthermore, you can direct traffic to your Biites channel through our social media icon or the embed option. This way you can ensure that your audience will receive the best possible experience in a 100% brand-safe environment.


How does Biites relate to data sharing?

At Biites, we have a desire to be transparent. This means, among other things, that we are 100% open that the platform contains only movies created by companies, organizations or other commercial parties. It also means that we offer different opportunities for data sharing – which of course is always within the scope of the law.

If data sharing is relevant to you, let’s talk about what data you want to gain insight into and how a data sharing collaboration could be designed for you.


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