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What follows the panda

Teamwork Family


Divorce can be a heavy burden. Don’t let your kids carry it.

“What follows the panda” tells the story of how the burden of a divorce can shape the future life of a child. We meet our anti-hero as a disillusioned old man and follow him back through time to the man, teenager and child, he once was. On the way we get to understand the weight of the “panda”.

“Divorce can be a heavy burden. Don’t let your kids carry it” – is the message of the movie. You can minimize that burden if you as parents work together towards an amicable divorce.

The Teamwork Family platform works to eliminate conflicts for divorcees by helping them structure the divorce before problems arise. We guide you through the maze of decisions to be made and serve as the neutral platform for agreements on parental agreement and division of property.

Teamwork Family, Saatchi & Saatchi and Gobsmack are the joined creators of the movie, whose goal is to strengthen awareness of the cost for children, when their parents do not master an amicable divorce.

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