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Kisiki Hai I

The earth is drying up, and even quicker so. If we can’t act now, the consequences may be fatal for our planet. In this documentary, we take a closer look at the positive effects of Kisiki Hai, a technique to bring back trees which were cut down in the past. Asheri, a farmer living in the Dodoma region, struggles to get his farming projects on steady feet. Due to the dried-up soil, lack of rain and animals invading his acres, he cannot pursue crops at a steady rate and finds himself at the near end of quitting. Having to provide for his family, Asheri decides to give it one final try and makes visit a farmer in the region who has practiced Kisiki Hai for many years. This way, Ashery finds out that bringing back trees on your land can make the land green and fertile again, making it much easier to grow crops. Asheri decides to find out more and meets with Simon Chiwanga, the founder of LEAD Foundation and partner of Justdiggit in Tanzania. According to him, the Kisiki Hai method is the most effective method for regreening the land of Dodoma because it has shown great results in a very short period of time. They show many benefits in restoring the earth, by cleaning the air, providing food for the community and retaining water underground to increase the regreening process even more. Another farmer, Huruma, talks about how she was initially skeptical about planting trees in the area, because she was afraid that the trees would attract animals like snakes and apes that would eat the harvest. However, once she found out about Kisiki Hai, she was eager to try the method and the crops reaped that were dry and bare were quickly transformed for the better. The preparation for Kisiki Hai is simple, you do not need many tools; what you do need however, is the right knowledge. For Asheri and other farmers in the area, the knowledge of Kisiki Hai can be acquired by talking to those that implement the technique themselves. Most importantly, the knowledge that is absorbed by those who work with Kisiki Hai should also be spread through word of mouth, as this creates a trusting bond between the farmers, and they can exchange ideas and questions to further the regreening movement in the area. After a long journey for Asheri, and many heartfelt impressions from the farmers who use Kisiki Hai, he returns home to tell his fellow villagers and farmers about the method and its effectiveness on the land in the area. 

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