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#MiStoryMi10 Gracias a todos por inspirar Paco León para crear Vecinooo con #Mi10Pro

Deep in confinement, we at Casanova decided that it was time to reflect on the millions of stories that were being told from the homes of the Spaniards. That’s why, in a project with Xiaomi, we decided to get in touch with Paco León, one of the most influential and creative directors in our country, to shoot a short film in the middle of quarantine, inspired by thousands of stories that the public would send us, filmed on a Xiaomi Mi 10 Pro, the brand’s new handset.

The strategy was clear: ask society for stories through a hashtag and a microsite, from which Paco León would select his favourites to make them part of the short film. Once the script was created, he would record his short film only with the help of the Xiaomi handset and the collaboration of his friend, neighbor and actress, Maite Sandoval. Everything, in a record time.

The premiere of the short film was a success, and it didn’t stop going viral on YouTube and Instagram, being shared incessantly. So much so, that the short was the second most viewed announcement in May on YouTube, only behind a spot from the YouTube platform itself.

More than 2 million views in a month, a 196.5% increase in sales during the week of the launch…These are just some of the results.

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