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DUREX – Conversexions, the first sex education branded content

The alarming data on the increase in sexually transmitted diseases (STDs) show that sex education remains a fixture on society’s to-do list, particularly among the young.

Durex wanted to play its part in this issue and to lead an initiative to cope with the lack of awareness about STDs and their consequences.
Conversexions is a platform for sex education content with continuity throughout the year, while steering clear of paternalistic overtones, managed to be an innovative sex education vehicle. A platform focused on a branded content format structured in seven episodes on Youtube in which two influencers and our presenter, talked uninhibitedly about sex, including sex education during the Coronavirus crisis as one of the main topics. A content that we integrated into a transmedia ecosystem with a presence in the brand’s own channels, the guests’ social media accounts, in Spotify using the programme’s playlists and with experiences involving our audience at the country’s main music festivals: venues and occasions where STDs are unfortunately a common phenomenon.

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