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GUSANITOS de Risi ¡Gracias peques!

Spanish pioneer branded content agency ZOND designed this content for snack brand Gusanitos (owned by second snack manufacturer in the country: RISI).

Objectives were paying homage to children, as the greatest heroes of the COVID lockdown and boosting awareness and engagement for the Gusanitos brand.

“GraciasPeques” (“thank you, kids”) took the form of a social experiment where children were interviewed in-depth in isolation of their parents, in order to discover their real feelings and anxieties after 60 days of lockdown. Then, the videos were shown to their parents, helping them understand many aspects of the situation which were unknown to them.

An ambitious plan of remote production was designed in order not to visit participants´ homes. A self recording kit was sent to every home and ZOND production team monitored the recordings in real time with the help of various digital tools.

Results were impressive with over 1 million views of the content in YouTube. The content was also aired in digital sites of TV networks Mediaset and Atresmedia.

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