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No term shaped the time of Covid-19 more than social distancing. Nevertheless, people worldwide have never been as close to each other as during the lockdown phase! A wave of helpfulness and humanity was visible and tangible everywhere. Never has telecommunications been as important as in this time. Families, friends, and colleagues came together worldwide via videoconferencing to be close and to exchange ideas.

This was the reason for us to organize a Corona TV gala together with Cisco Webex, which did not have the goal, or payed attention to infection numbers, but rather conveying emotionality. A Corona patient who wanted to thank neighbors and hospital staff after awakening from coma or little Lyonel, who was not allowed to celebrate his birthday with friends, were two of the 12 emotional stories. It was important to us to thank people for their commitment and helpfulness in this challenging time, but also to give them joy and hope. The greatest Swiss artists provided great entertainment with their performances.

The highlight of the show was that the audience and protagonists were connected to the show on a huge video wall via Webex Conference. Thus, for one evening, laughter was shared, and tears of emotion were shed, but above all, hope was given, and despite the distance, closeness was created. Aperçus

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