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Rainmakers I: A Justdiggit Documentary

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Rainmakers 2: Seeds of change 

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Rainmakers 3: A Tanzanian Story

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Kisiki Hai I

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Kisiki Hai II

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Justdiggit is on a mission to bring back nature and regreen Africa in the next 10 years. Together with local partners, Justdiggit jumpstarts regreening projects where they regenerate vegetation. Bringing back nature helps to preserve biodiversity, improve livelihoods and positively impact climate change. Additionally, Justdiggit uses the power of communication and (mobile) technology to scale up the regreening process. Justdiggit’s ultimate goal is a green, lush and cool Africa by 2030, and get everyone involved in making this happen. This is the Decade of Doing: Dig in & cool down the planet!