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Rainmakers I: A Justdiggit Documentary

This documentary is the first out of three in the Rainmaker’s series, where we get a short but intense first look at what’s to come in their regreening projects in Kenya. The documentary introduces us to the people who work with the Grass Seed banks, as they talk about how their land and its people have changed over the years due to a decline in rainfall as well as the decreased absorption of rain from the earth. When rain does come, the land is too dry, which causes it to sweep off the soil, leaving the land dry and running into other areas where the water overfloods. The consequences of these are not just for the land itself, turning the situation of dry land into a vicious cycle of losing land productivity, livestock productivity, and livelihoods, but it also creates poverty within the communities because they are not able to run independently and produce enough food for everyone. Justdiggit aims to break the cycle by simple methods that can erupt a bigger change. By digging bunds in the earth that can absorb the rainwater efficiently, the degraded areas are restored and dry earth turns into a green and fertile piece of land. Just as much as the land has been destroyed by climate change, the land can be restored by regreening. This also brings about more hope for the community, as the opportunities for jobs rise which makes it easier for families to not only provide with food and household supplies, but also financially by sending their children to school, paving the way for a brighter future in the areas. The projects also support women by creating more working opportunities, which gives them more chances to support their family, as well as raising the equality aspect to the communities.  

If we can lay the path for a greener and more prosperous earth, the hopes are that future generations will bring the change forward and succeed by not only combating a changing climate, but also by having a positive impact on water, food, biodiversity, and climate refugees. The world of tomorrow can still be changed today, and with the work of Justdiggit we hope to be the positive change today that can lead to an even better tomorrow.  

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