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Exclusive interview by the designer of driverless cars - part 1

For many, creating something iconic is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity based on hard work, good timing and the right conditions. But for Frank Stephenson, creating icons has come naturally, with a ‘few’ recognisable designs under his belt.

One of the world’s most successful and prolific automotive designers, Stephenson has created some of the most instantly recognisable cars out there, ranging from the ubiquitous (Fiat 500, BMW X5, New Mini) to the unique (McLaren P1, Lilium flying taxi.)

Now, Stephenson is turning his attention away from the car design world and towards the future of transportation. Speaking to 2025AD, Stephenson highlights his ideal way of getting from A to B, the future of vehicle interiors and of course, our move towards autonomous vehicles.

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