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The Beauty of blachness

This film chronicles the checkered past, present and future of Black Beauty. It calls attention to the dearth and inequity in the cosmetic and fashion industries around people of color. At the center of the film is Fashion Fair: the cosmetics brand that surpassed cultural obstacles, revolutionizing the beauty industry while becoming a household name for every Black woman in the 1970’s. For the first time in history, Black Beauty and glamour were defined and celebrated for a new generation, – The film unveils Fashion Fair’s rise, fall and rebirth in 2021. The film introduces us to renowned experts, models and other prominent figures who have witnessed firsthand the evolution of the category, and how Desiree Rogers and Cheryl Mayberry Mckissack are breathing life back into Fashion Fair in collaboration with Sephora. In documenting the re-launch of Fashion Fair, viewers get a front-row look at the massive undertaking that goes into reviving an iconic beauty brand amidst a new cultural context, at how the industry has changed, and leaves them rooting for a comeback story.

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