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North Sails - Design video

North Sails has become the world leader in sailmaking through an ongoing commitment to making racing or cruising sails that are faster, lighter and longer lasting than any other sails.

Since its beginnings in 1957, North Sails has pioneered more technological advances than all other sailmakers combined. Advances that have — time after time — defined the path forward in modern sailmaking. With the largest and most talented team of sailmakers and sail designers in the world, North has initiated virtually every major breakthrough in modern sail design. Going into its sixth decade, the company remains at the forefront of sail design and production technology.

In 1982, North was the first company to use three-dimensional computer modeling to design sails. Since then the company has developed several proprietary software programs that allow our designers to define and refine sails to a much higher degree of detail than the traditional “trial and error” method. (For more details about these programs, read “North Design Suite”.) While North’s design process may seem excessive for some applications, it insures maximum consistency and an optimum balance of shape, stretch, strength and weight.

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