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Google is coming

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For years, the Faroe Islands have been left without Google Street View.

Taking matters into her own hands, Durita Andreassen from the Faroe Islands has spent recent months mapping out her beautiful home country using sheep equipped with solar-powered cameras, creating her very own Sheep View 360.

Following the launch of her project, thousands of people urged Google to make the Faroe Islands a part of Google Street View, and their efforts have now proved fruitful.

The Google Maps team has arrived in the Faroe Islands with one mission: to help the Faroe Islands create their own Street View.

With the support of the Street View Camera Loan Program, the Faroese people are now equipped with a Street View Trekker and a fleet of 360 cameras to help capture even more (but slightly less woolly) Street View imagery of the archipelago.

It is now up to the Faroese people and tourists visiting the Faroe Islands to create Street View using sheep, bikes, backpacks, cars, kayaks, ships and even wheelbarrows. Furthermore, the Visit Faroe Islands office in Tórshavn and Atlantic Airways at the airport will be loaning out Google cameras, and anyone is welcome to lend a hand in the exciting project.

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