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Every year, DORITOS® shows its Rainbow colors to support the LGBTQI+ cause and now, in this atypical year and hard times, we focused it’s efforts even more! DORITOS® Brasil and Mexico joined forces to spread the message that being bold is loving the way you do and to create a chain of love through virtual kisses in two moments.

First, in the day that the biggest LGBTQI+ Parade in the world was supposed to happen DORITOS® colored São Paulo’s sky with Rainbow lights, that traveled across town as a symbol of union and pride. It was done with the artist Yvette Mattern to bring Global Rainbow for the first time to Brasil. DORITOS® was the 1st brand in share of voice on Twitter during LGBTQI+ Live Parade.

Then, we invited everyone to take part in a virtual kiss-in that was called #1Kiss1Donation and for each kiss sent DORITOS® turned it into a real donation to the LGBTQI+ cause. 1 Kiss was equal to R$1 (Real) in Brasil and $1 (Peso) in Mexico.

We could make a donation of R$1 MILLION reais to 10 LGBTQI+ NGO’s in Brasil and it’s the double of NGO’s DORITOS® are supporting vs last year. And besides, for the first time we created a partnership with an Institute to offer online and free trainings for more than 2 thousand registers of LGBTQI+ projects and NGO’s all over the country.

So, even with no physical product this year, DORITOS® Rainbow still spread the love all around showing that hope and love can cross the distance and change the world one kiss at a time, supporting even more the LGBTQI+ community and showing great results in press and media (2.6X vs Rainbow Campaign 2019 in Ad Value and 1.7X vs CPG in Ad Recall).

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