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eQlibri Popcorn had its launch month scheduled for March – the Women’s Month – something already traditional for the brand that focuses all its communication and actions around the female audience. With the arrival of the pandemic, the action was suspended, as it was time to look at and support society on other fronts. After six weeks of isolation, we look again at the launch of Popcorn EQLIBRI®️ and the whole creative concept behind this novelty, which talked about “Pop out”, about putting out what we have most powerful and beautiful. We understand that, combined with the actions that the brand and the company developed in favor of the most vulnerable in the pandemic, talked a lot with the current moment. Thus, the launch routes were readjusted, concentrating all efforts on extremely digital communication and, more than that, on the very genuine appropriation of a format that until then was new to everyone: the lives. Between April and July 2020, the brand held and / or supported five digital conversations, bringing together powerful women such as journalists Yasmine Sterea and Vivi Duarte, Fafá de Belém, Luiza Helena Trajano and the actress, Shira Haas. All the talks focused on women, their potential and the challenges they faced in life, career and, of course, during the pandemic. In this way, the brand took its audience, even if at a distance, inputs to enhance what is their mission: to increasingly amplify the voice and power of women.

Across the world, we have collectively been experiencing a huge crisis which has not discriminated. When so many business sectors have suffered as a result of Covid-19, marketing has understandably taken a battering. Budgets have been slashed as uncertainty has reigned. At the same time, for those who haven’t withdrawn altogether, brand messaging has felt like a tightrope for most, bringing a huge challenge of striking the right tone whilst putting out compelling content. Any brand message that could be seen to be exploiting the current situation has been met with negative consumer sentiment that could cause long term damage to brand equity. At the same time, many of the traditional ways of creating marketing content, such as tv production, have been severely restricted during lockdown.

Several notable brands have pivoted to practically help – from manufacturing hand sanitiser to donating free or discounted food to health-workers. These initiatives have rightly been applauded. But which brands have gone further in a way that is likely to make a long-term positive impact?

Celebrating best-in-class branded content

There are great examples of brands that have employed creativity, resourcefulness and thoughtfulness during this very challenging time. Content has always been the strongest and most effective way in which to engage people by providing genuine value, and right now this has never been more acute.

Whether it is to provide utility, as above, or to entertain, inform, educate or inspire, we want to highlight the very best branded content that has been produced during the lockdown period, across the globe. Stand-out campaigns are to be nominated from all active BCMA markets, and all BCMA members will have the opportunity to vote for their favourites. We will then publish the winners and promote them across local and global channels.

Why the BCMA is doing this

We are all united in experiencing this devastating pandemic, and it is so often out of adversity that creativity is borne. As the BCMA, we have a mission to promote best practice when it comes to branded content. And as a global organization, we have a unique opportunity to bring together the best examples from around the world to recognize talent and inspire other brands and content makers.

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