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Assupol - Celebrating those who serve - Nurse Eagen

That’s how Assupol decided to honour Eagan Sithole, an emergency care worker who is fighting to save lives during the worst pandemic in a hundred years. Through the microcosm of Eagan’s story, Assupol delivers a deeply moving salute to all health workers across South Africa.

The campaign was conceptualised by agency Joe Public, who leveraged the power of outdoor media during the hard lockdown, when traditional billboards were mostly wasted space as hardly anyone was on the road – except for essential service personnel. We identified our nurse and filmed her reaction to the mass media tribute. The film was directed by Lebogang Rasethaba from Arcade Content. “This was a special project to work on because of the content, and the context,” Lebogang says. “As a director when you get such a strong idea you need to find the balance between bringing your magic, but also allowing the idea to manifest naturally and fully. Because the idea was so solid, I decided to focus on the character and her personal story, her humanity.”

“Serving those who serve is what we are grounded on as an organisation, and we want all our frontline workers to know we are constantly behind them,” said Assupol CEO Bridget Mokwena-Halala.

The billboards will remain up for another month as thanks to all those who are serving on the front line.

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