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Connettere 12 Sconosciuti L'Italia Riparte dal Digitale - Connecting people who don’t know each other

6 celebrities and 6 ordinary people found themselves virtually face to face to test the eye contact theory, which claims that it only takes a few seconds to look into each other’s eyes without talking to make them feel more connected.

After looking into each other’s eyes for a minute in silence, to find a digital and human connection, the couples began to get to know each other, searching and discovering commonalities. The famous rapper Fedez and the 7-Micheline star Chef Bruno Barbieri also took part in the experiment, and they had the opportunity to relate with two heroes of this pandemic period: Jacopo, a Clown-doctor in the pediatric cancer ward of the no-profit organization “Andrea Tudisco” in Rome, and Valeria, a nurse in a Covid resuscitation ward in Alessandra.

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