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EDEKA - Jeder eurer Schritte

Covid-19 has changes everything including our shopping habits. Who would have thought that in Europe, suddenly, everyone would be required to wear a Facialmask in the supermarket, use a shopping trolley and that the kids were best left at home. What sounded like a science-fiction scenario in 2019 suddenly became reality in 2020.

EDEKA, Germany´s largest spermarket, is known for repeatedly taking up socially relevant topics such as “Heimkommen”, in which a grandfather fakes his own death to get his familys attention.

This time EDEKA took the COVID-19 changes as an oppertunity to thant its customers in a charming way and take a mental step towards them. In a TV commercial, all the speps that had suddenly become necessary were traced: The step back to keep a safe distance, the dance steps around each other and the extra steps taken to shop for the neighbour. EDEKA’s message: Each of your steps carry us together through this time. Thank you for walking alle these steps with us. Because no matter how different our steps may look in times of corona – we have alle taken a big step towards each other in 2020 and have moved together as a society. With the necessary safety distance, of course.

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