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Voices Laura Smyth on what she’s learnt during lockdown


Nationwide Building Society created a series of three TV slots to showcase different real-life voices and stories of how people are coping with life during lockdown as well as sharing their thoughts and feeling of what life may be like for them post-pandemic. The new ‘Voices Nationwide’ pieces also highlight where to find further information about the support the Society is providing to members financially impacted by coronavirus.

The spoken word artists discuss what they would say to themselves in six months’ time. They were all completed within a week and filmed by the artists in their own homes, during the lockdown period. They talk in their own words, about life under lockdown, marriage, relationships, family and childcare, all with immediacy, intimacy and authenticity.

But most importantly, they convey hope that when we look back, we’ll have taken with us all the good things that came out of this terrible adversity.

The campaign was developed by the Society’s lead creative agency VCCP with media planning and buying by Wavemaker.

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