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Jägermeister - How To Drop In! #SaveTheNight

As lockdown kicked-in, the nightlife community faced its biggest ever challenge.

With clubs, bars and pubs shut down and tens of thousands of people of work, we spotted an opportunity to use technology to marry supply with demand, creating unique branded content experiences – connecting Jägermeister’s network of talented artists and performers (‘Meisters’) to entertainment-hungry consumers stuck at home.

In only three weeks, we launched ‘Meister Drop-Ins’ – a unique talent booking service created to connect Meisters with virtual party-goers organising hangouts with their mates on platforms like Zoom, Skype & Houseparty.

To book your entertainment (from Mixologists to Drag Queens) all you needed to do was book a half-hour slot with the Meister of your choice, gather your mates on a call and wait for them to Drop-In.

Jägermeister would pick up the tab for each performance, but we also offered the option for grateful party-goers to leave tips via PayPal.

And it’s still going strong – now with over 200 Meisters from 25 markets on the site, ready to book. We’ve delivered over 1,500 Drop-In experiences, equating to over 750 hours spent with the brand.

Where other brands asked their audiences to come to them for entertainment, we took the entertainment to them – giving back to both our customers and our industry.

Across the world, we have collectively been experiencing a huge crisis which has not discriminated. When so many business sectors have suffered as a result of Covid-19, marketing has understandably taken a battering. Budgets have been slashed as uncertainty has reigned. At the same time, for those who haven’t withdrawn altogether, brand messaging has felt like a tightrope for most, bringing a huge challenge of striking the right tone whilst putting out compelling content. Any brand message that could be seen to be exploiting the current situation has been met with negative consumer sentiment that could cause long term damage to brand equity. At the same time, many of the traditional ways of creating marketing content, such as tv production, have been severely restricted during lockdown.

Several notable brands have pivoted to practically help – from manufacturing hand sanitiser to donating free or discounted food to health-workers. These initiatives have rightly been applauded. But which brands have gone further in a way that is likely to make a long-term positive impact?

Celebrating best-in-class branded content

There are great examples of brands that have employed creativity, resourcefulness and thoughtfulness during this very challenging time. Content has always been the strongest and most effective way in which to engage people by providing genuine value, and right now this has never been more acute.

Whether it is to provide utility, as above, or to entertain, inform, educate or inspire, we want to highlight the very best branded content that has been produced during the lockdown period, across the globe. Stand-out campaigns are to be nominated from all active BCMA markets, and all BCMA members will have the opportunity to vote for their favourites. We will then publish the winners and promote them across local and global channels.

Why the BCMA is doing this

We are all united in experiencing this devastating pandemic, and it is so often out of adversity that creativity is borne. As the BCMA, we have a mission to promote best practice when it comes to branded content. And as a global organization, we have a unique opportunity to bring together the best examples from around the world to recognize talent and inspire other brands and content makers.

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