Se indhold fra andre lande

The Locomotive Shop and its history

This year, we are celebrating our 10th (X) event!

In other words, TechBBQ 2022 will be quite a milestone! Curious how we got here?Check out our recently launched “History” page, which details how TechBBQ evolved since its inception in 2013. Find out how we grew from a small grassroots movement and an event of only 300 people for a closed circle of tech-enthusiasts into an internationally recognized summit with approximately 6.500 attendees from all over the world.TechBBQ 2022 will be held in an eXciting location full of Danish history – Lokomotivværkstedet. Our very own Head of PR and Communications, Keyvan Thomsen Bamdej, met up with Stefanie Høy Brink, Ethnologist and Curator at Københavns Museum / Museum of Copenhagen, to uncover the history behind this incredible venue.

TechBBQ History page:

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