Se indhold fra andre lande

On embarking on a journey she never chose Gaby Gianini

If you’ve been to Vico Morcote you know that there are few places that are equally jaw-dropping. The picturesque village overlooks the Lago di Lugano – and in the distance – Italy.  The boutique hotel Relais di Morcote is housed in a 17th Century Palazzo and opened its doors in 2019. It offers 12 boutique design rooms, built with natural materials and, whenever possible, by local craftsmen. The family of the hotel manager Gaby Giannini has owned the adjacent wine estate ‘Tenuta Castello di Morcote’ for four generations. Yet when she inherited the vinyard from her grandfather, Gaby wasn’t ready. Today, she’s transforming the estate into a biodynamic farm.

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