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Jägermeister - How To Drop In! #SaveTheNight

As lockdown kicked-in, the nightlife community faced its biggest ever challenge.

With clubs, bars and pubs shut down and tens of thousands of people of work, we spotted an opportunity to use technology to marry supply with demand, creating unique branded content experiences – connecting Jägermeister’s network of talented artists and performers (‘Meisters’) to entertainment-hungry consumers stuck at home.

In only three weeks, we launched ‘Meister Drop-Ins’ – a unique talent booking service created to connect Meisters with virtual party-goers organising hangouts with their mates on platforms like Zoom, Skype & Houseparty.

To book your entertainment (from Mixologists to Drag Queens) all you needed to do was book a half-hour slot with the Meister of your choice, gather your mates on a call and wait for them to Drop-In.

Jägermeister would pick up the tab for each performance, but we also offered the option for grateful party-goers to leave tips via PayPal.

And it’s still going strong – now with over 200 Meisters from 25 markets on the site, ready to book. We’ve delivered over 1,500 Drop-In experiences, equating to over 750 hours spent with the brand.

Where other brands asked their audiences to come to them for entertainment, we took the entertainment to them – giving back to both our customers and our industry.

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