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ALTACET - #StayHome #StaySafe #StayCrazy - We’re in it together!

All advertisements in times of a pandemic look the same. They are pompous and serious, while bored people on lockdown need something uplifting and entertaining. Quick remote brainstorm and an idea for ALTACET campaign was born.

#StayHome #StaySafe #StayCrazy
We’re in it together!
What was our thinking?
A few months of lockdown… It must lead to boredom, which triggers creativity, but also sparkles daring ideas and inspires crazy actions. These in turn often end with injuries and contusions, for which helps ALTACET.
We dug through stocks and reached for the craziest videos showing people being carried away at home – women and men, the older and younger, families and singles. Then we turned these stock clips into one funny and amusing 30” video. Not only does t show that no one can escape boredom, but also inspires to try harder, stay on lockdown longer. Even if you get a bit crazy. Because we’re in it together.
But it’s not everything. When the pandemic restrictions were loosened, we reacted immediately, with RTM videos kept in the same entertaining style, for example showing wild joy at the opening of hairdressing salons.

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