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NASOMETIN The Tale Of Nasal Spray

The pandemic turned our lives upside down. Suddenly, we had to face adversity completely alone, locked in our homes, plus, in some cases, struggling with allergies.

Nasometin Control is an innovative nasal allergy remedy, but it has been communicated through the prism of “outdoor” activity so far. We had to verify our strategic assumptions overnight.

Considering that the lockdown was a depressing event, we decided to add some charm and entertainment to our customers’ lives. And that’s how a fabulous idea was born: Let the allergy be just a fairy tale.

We wanted to show stories of contemporary people who suffer from allergy in a fairy tale-like convention. Heroes with whom our customers could identify themselves and smile when they see them.

We created 3 main stories based on classic well-known fairy tales: Red Running Nose, Princess in Allergic Distress and Prince Snotty. The adventures of our heroes were shown in short animations using joyful drawings.

In addition, the communication directed users to online pharmacies, thanks to which they could order our product without leaving home.

Our stories were appreciated by the viewers and grabbed their attention. That’s a happy ending 🙂

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