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Lenni Janssen x Skateboard Olympia 2021

We usually work for brands. But this time we thought: Why not for ourselves?

For more than a year, we have been sponsoring the German vice champion in skateboarding – Lenni Janssen, who prepared intensively for the 2020 Olympics in Tokys. In winter 2019, we therefore designed & produced a short clip to make sport brands aware of us. Corona hit us shortly before completion. We didn´t have to think about, what that would mean for us and the small project, because: We had Lenni Janssen – or in his youthful coolness words: “As long as the skateparks remain closed due to Corona, I´ll skate on the street”. This mindset jumped over and made us finish the project. The commitment was great and new contacts to brands were successfully established! The Olympia 2021 is now in a race with Corona. But whatever… what would Lenni Janssen say? “2021, we´re coming!”

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