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Switzerland Tourism

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On embarking on a journey she never chose Gaby Gianini

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On a journey of the mind in the Alpstein region IVANO KUENZLI

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Project at Anako Lodge Olivier Cheseaux

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Switzerland Tourism is the national tourism organization for Switzerland. Follow us as well on, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and TikTok.

Switzerland is synonymous with spectacular mountains, wild gorges and mystical forests; our nature has the power to provide energy. We aim to preserve this – for many generations to come.


Swisstainable – sustainable travel in Switzerland. 

Sustainable travel doesn’t necessarily mean having to go without. Sustainable travel means greater awareness and depth and more enjoyment. With this in mind, Switzerland follows its own sustainability strategy: Swisstainable.

Swisstainable is all about having one’s finger on the pulse – and maximum relaxation in a natural setting:

1.  Enjoy nature up close and at first hand

2.  Experience the local culture in an authentic way

3.  Consume regional products

4.  Stay for longer and delve deeper