Engaging brand storytelling

Publish your films in a 100% brand safe environment with high viewer engagement and no interruptions. Biites has no limitations of reach since it is free to access from the public and no subscription is needed.

Distribution platform for long-form films and series

Biites is a video distribution platform tailored for commercial long-form films and videos. We are experts in distributing brand storytelling, branded content, miniseries, webisodes and films with long shelf life.

Why publish film on Biites?

  • High brand engagement (time spent viewing)

  • No ads, pushy messages or other interruptions

  • High quality, cinematic viewing platform

  • Full data ownership

  • Brand safe and curated environment


On Biites you can buy guaranteed quality views to your long-form content with our ​PAY PER PLAY product. This is particularly relevant to those of you that want to achieve a certain number of views for your film or content series.

Get your own channel

Showcase your best longform video content on your own Biites channel. Create just the look and feel that you want for your exclusive content hub. Your brand channel is 100 % brand safe and Biites cross-promotes your film on our front-end, helping to build visibility and reach. You can drive the traffic yourself or we can help you gain plays and new audiences.

Key performance

Average view time

6 min. AVT and up to 1.000.000 guaranteed plays of the highest quality in the market.

View through rate

60% average view through rate on film content between 5-10 minutes, Biites deliver the highest standards on VTR in the market to your content.

Brand safe

A 100% brandsafe “end destination” to the best of your content pieces.

Keep track of your data

At Biites, we enable our brand clients to own their own viewership data. Biites provides you with GDPR compliant live data through your choice of tracking pixels enabling you to retarget, create modelling and other actions. The data can have an enormous value in helping to connect your brand with the target group, activate ambassador relations and bringing continual improvement to your films by understanding for example drop-off points.

Biites believes in data transparency, both for our users as well as for our clients. This means we make an extra effort to inform the public that the films and stories on Biites are all created by brands. Biites is GDPR compliant and requests permission to place cookies.

The process

It is easy to get your brand films on Biites. You just upload your content and let our team help you design the best visual setting for your brand channel. We assist you in seeding the right audiences to your films with millions of impressions on/off-site and deliver performance data throughout the agreed campaign period. You can also choose to drive traffic to your content hub yourself.

1. Upload your content

Biites can offer cases and thought leadership of why long-form video builds brands preference

2. Biites seeds audiences via trailer exposure and on-site impressions

Biites may be helpful with selection of production partners. Biites does not produce the content.

3. Provide great user experience to existing and new audiences

Short film builds awareness and reach. Long films build preference and engagement.

4. Get actionable data back and build brand preference

Biites, agency or clients can manage the traffic building. Biites transfers ownership of viewing data to clients and agencies. Viewing data is actionable and viewers can be re-targeted across many platforms.


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