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Wild flowers

Expressions through wild flowers

Flowers. It is a source of daily joy to work on floral designs for customers who believe that flowers are not just flowers.

I strive to perform to the very pinnacle of my ability – whether I am producing a single bouquet, a decoration, a wedding or complete decorative solution for a large event. As the personal floral designer who will give you much more than you expect – von Einem is the perfect choice.

Annette Von Einem has over and over again challenged and pushed the flower design and concept styling to the limits throughout her career, and she is known for her sublime techniques and visionary style. She ranks among Europe’s definitively best designers, and is acknowledged for her role as trendsetter. Annette Von Einems unique work has gathered international interest for her style and techniques. She primarily works with hotel and restaurant concept, wedding, fashion and event clients.
Annette von Einem completed her education as a trained florist in 1995, and started her own business in 2001. Throughout her career she has won several national and international competitions.

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