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Upload your video files by clicking on the Biites upload form below:



In the form you will need to fill in information about who is presenting the videos. Then you will have access to our video upload module, where you can upload your video files and details about the individual video and series.


Format: Video must be delivered as an MP4/H264 file in the best possible quality (original quality is best). Best delivered in standard formats – that is without proprietary codecs from Avid or the like.

Resolution: minimum 1080p (or as high as possible – depending on the dissolution of the original material).

Aspect ratio: must be 16:9 (if it is old material in 4:3 we can receive that, too).

Bitrate: 8000Mbit/s or more (as high as possible depending on the original material).

In general: the better film quality, the better viewer experience.


Before we can show your films, it is important that we know more about it/them, so please spend a few minutes filling in other information and text boxes in the upload form, so we can make sure that your films will attract interested users.


•The contact information for you and the company.
•The format of the film (single film or series of films).
•The top title of the film/series, plus separate titles and precise length of each part.
•Which ‘tags’ do you want for the separate film (to be filled in for each part).
•Which categories do you want the specific film to be in (please see choices in the formula)
•Additional text for describing the film/part – this is the text that will be in the text box beneath the film presentation window
•Minimum one still picture for the overall program, and one significant for each part.
•All pictures must be without text and in a horizontal position. Format: 1920 x 1080 full HD (max. 2 MB per picture)
•The company’s own logo + possible co-sponsors’ logo (min. 80 x 80 pixel)
•Link to your chosen landing page(s) for each delivered logo
•Possible subtitles in various languages (in VTT format)


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