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Biites Channels

With your own Biites Premium Channel, your company can place long digital videos in an uninterrupted, commercial free environment within a quality validated framework. Biites offers the possibility for expanded distribution and viewership of tailor-made long films, series and video formats that generally have a hard time attracting engagement within social media.

A Biites Premium channel is 100% free of commercials and 100% Brand Safe. Only your brand logo is shown in connection with your films. We provide a social media icon that can easily be modified graphically to suit your own website. We enable and support your ability to guide the target audience of your choice to the channel – providing them with a great user experience with your best content.



Choose between two different subscription models for your new Biites Channel. Drive the traffic to your
new, safe and undisturbed channel by getting the Biites social media icon on your website.


For more information on how to set up your channel on Biites please email