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Want to make your content work harder? Need to reach more audiences? Find out how biites can help you.

biites exists to bring great content to a great audience.

You spend so much time and effort making great content. Then where does it go? You put it on your website, but how many people will ever see it there. You can use your own social media, but how many followers do you have?

Free your content from the algorithms with biites.

We’ll take your commercially funded films, videos or advertiser-funded-programmes (AFP) and showcase them on our dedicated premium ‘channel’. Make sure your work sings out in the company of other great content. And no pre-rolls, no annoying ads, no attention deficit disorder and no skateboarding cats. (Unless you’re a company selling skateboards to cats, that is.)

So if you’ve got great stories to tell, share them on biites.

They could be funny, exciting, or serious. Our viewers watch documentaries, entertainment, CSR films and even debates. And with more viewers coming to biites every day, they have an almost insatiable appetite.

We’ll even help you get more traffic to your own websites through activation and links.

We welcome all commercially funded content at biites. All we ask is that you follow our guidelines.

Why choose biites?

Make sure your content stands out from the crowd. You’ll always be in good company. 

Make waves. Don’t get lost on mainstream social media or your own websites. Make your content shine.

Make your work work harder – let biites help you find new audiences.

Make sure you know your content will work for your audiences, before you roll it out.

Make your other advertising and communications work harder with great content on biites.

We’re always happy to collaborate

Have an idea for a video? Lack inspiration for your next corporate project? We can put you in touch with a really talented group of collaborators who can support you. From producers to agencies and creative partners, we can help you find the right people to work with.

Get in touch to see what we can do for you.

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