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The Best of Brand Storytelling

The Best of Brand Storytelling
Biites is a free online video entertainment channel to indulge in the best of brand storytelling. We gather the best films from around the world and present them in an undisturbed viewing environment so that our viewers can enjoy the content just as the producers intended. The content is different from country to country, so we welcome you to explore the variety we have on offer.

We started Biites because we know the world is filled with passionate, entertaining stories told by brands however the world was missing a platform to live up to the quality of the films. Biites is first and foremost a quality viewing platform where there are no ads or interruptions. Our focus is on maximizing engagement of the content and offering the best possible viewing experience.

Stay awhile and explore our categories and playlists. We are constantly finding new quality content across a wide variety of genres. If you sign up for our newsletter, and let us know your preferences, we can keep you informed when new relevant films are released. Our newsletter sign-up is offered on the bottom of every page.

Biites knows that brands have amazing stories to tell but what counts most is the entertainment that you receive and the time you spend viewing. All films are sponsored by brands who want to win your preference.

We are making improvements to Biites on a continual basis. In 2020, there will be many more opportunities to custom tailor your personal Biites page and select content within your interest. If you have ideas for ways to improve Biites – we would love to hear from you! Please write to us in the contact section.

Biites is owned and run by a small, dedicated group of people in Denmark and abroad who share a common passion for quality storytelling. Biites founders and dedicated investors are committed to host quality films that adhere to high ethical standards. All films are screened and approved before appearing on Biites.

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